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Explore The Da Vinci Code in Paris

Cracking 'The Da Vinci Code' at the Louvre
2.5 hours. 4 person maximum. The price of the tour is €113 for individuals, or €98 per person for parties of two or more. Includes price of admission to the Louvre.
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Revisit Robert Langdon's adventures by tracing his fictional footsteps in and around the Musée du Louvre. Our private tour begins and ends where his caper does. Of course, the Louvre is much more than simply the setting where much of the breathless action unfolded. Once inside the museum, you and your Paris Muse guide—your own private "symbologist"— will use works of art to explore the provocative ideas in Brown's book.

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This is the original Da Vinci Code tour of the Louvre that everyone's been talking about—from BBC's The World, The Insider, The Los Angeles Times, USAToday, NPR's "Weekend Edition", the New York Times, and elsewhere.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn about in greater depth at the Louvre:

Leonardo da Vinci
Our tour focuses primarily on the life and work of this Renaissance polymath—really one of the book's main characters. We'll study several of his paintings in the Grande Galerie, the actual gallery in the Louvre where the fictional curator Jacques Saunière was found murdered. We’ll discuss hidden symbolism in Leonardo's Virgin of the Rocks, St. John the Baptist, and androgyny in his Mona Lisa.

Mary Magdalene
We’ll also delve into the fascinating history of Mary Magdalene by looking at sculptures and paintings that feature her, such as Bronzino's beautiful Noli Me Tangere (depicted). Are there any clues or indications that other artists may have thought of her as the bride of Christ or as an early church leader?

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Goddess Imagery
The characters Robert Langdon and Jacques Saunière both specialized in it. Author Dan Brown tells us that Langdon even wrote a book on "the concept of female sanctity and the art and symbols associated with it." So, is there such a thing as the lost sacred feminine in the history of art, and if so, what can the Louvre's collection tell us about it?

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"What is history, but a fable agreed upon?" Dan Brown doesn't quote Napoleon's famous quip for nothing; it's one of the main themes of his book. We think that in the history of art, it's the paintings themselves that should have the final word. Join us in your own half-day hunt for the truth.
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From our Clients:
We recently were on a "Cracking The Da Vinci Code at the Louvre"tour, and we were all totally amazed by our guide Stephanie. She truly was delightful through the entire experience. We were so amazed by her knowledge of the Louvre and how she was able to weave the history of the art collections to the book. All our other tours paled in comparison. Stephanie's many different perspectives of all the pieces we were shown were truly inspiring. It was so obvious how she genuinely loved each work. The next time I'm in Paris, I will use Paris Muse as we were all so totally impressed with the tour. I can't stop talking about it!

Jim Singer,
New Jersey
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The Insights that "Canned" Tours Lack

"More information, insight, historical perspective and amusing anecdota than one could ever, ever receive in the same amount of time by 'reading up' on the subject or taking the 'canned' tour. These tours are an opportunity to view beloved art with someone who has the education and the intelligence to give thoughtful, informed responses. I hope to do this again, and again, and again. What fun!"

Roberta Kendall

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