Our “Big Picture” tours survey the grand sweep of the Louvre’s collection. These tours are ideal for first-time visitors, families, or old hands who want to reintroduce themselves to the breadth of the museum’s offerings.

(Have you already visited the Louvre, or would you prefer a deep exploration of a specific theme in the museum’s collection? Find out about our Closer Look tours of the Louvre.)

Introduction to the Treasures of the Louvre

This comprehensive tour is an ideal introduction to the diversity and richness of the Louvre, visiting the most celebrated of the Louvre’s treasures.

Alexandra Muse Clues
Paris Muse Clues: A Family Tour for Young Treasure Hunters

This Louvre scavenger hunt is designed to give children (ages 6-12) an entertaining background to the history of art while sharpening their detective skills of observation. Their own answers to the clues lead them to discover an educational prize hidden somewhere under the Louvre’s glass pyramid.

Sphinx of Tanis-2
Louvre Quest

On this Louvre tour, you will set out on a series of quests—for power, immortality, movement and love—using the masterpieces of the Louvre to guide you.

Mona Lisa
Cracking The Da Vinci Code at the Louvre

You and your own private “symbologist” revisit Robert Langdon’s Parisian adventures in and around the Musée du Louvre. This tour begins and ends where his fictional caper does, looking to the Louvre’s masterpieces to answer many of the questions provocatively posed in the book.

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