Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris

Decipher the profound messages of the cathedral’s sacred geometry, rich sculpture, innovative architecture and stunning stained glass windows of the 800-year-old cathedral.

Musée de Cluny graphic image
Medieval Masterpieces at the Cluny Museum

This unsung hero of Paris museums is housed in one of the finest surviving examples of Roman architecture in the city, featuring a stunning collection of art from a 1,000-year period of medieval history.

Cluny and Notre Dame: Stained glass
Notre Dame and Cluny: A Pilgrimage to Medieval Paris

Take a voyage to medieval Paris with an in-depth look at the Gothic masterpiece that is Notre Dame Cathedral, followed by a visit to Musée de Cluny.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame for Families: Stories in Stone

Notre Dame Cathedral will capture the imagination of your children, as it has for generations of Parisians.

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