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Muse+Connect with Dr. Pamela Warner:

Mindfulness and Art

Date TBA

How often do you feel distracted, overwhelmed, or unable to focus? Many of us are living in overdrive and could benefit from opportunities to pause and center ourselves. How can experiences with art help us do that? Join Dr. Pamela Warner, formerly a professor in art history at the University of Rhode Island before she created NATA in Paris, an innovative yoga and meditation studio. Pamela will share her thoughts about the principles of mindfulness and art. Her inspirations come from her favorite art in Paris museums in Paris. How might we prepare ourselves for art-centered travel to Paris—or any cultural destination—as an alternative to the rushed pace of everyday life? As an experience for cultivating habits of slow-looking and thoughtful attention?  

An open conversation about mindfulness— for everyone, from beginners to meditation mavens, and from first-time travelers to Parisophiles.

Past Events

Muse+Connect with Sarah Ganz Blythe

Sarah Ganz Blythe is an art historian, educator, and curator. She is Interim Director of the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in Providence, RI, where she also serves as Deputy Director of Exhibition, Education & Programs. Sarah’s work investigates the complicated histories of museums, art pedagogy, and interpretation practices. She also teaches at RISD and Brown University. Her PhD in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University focused on art and utopianism at the close of the 19th century. Sarah is a leading thinker in how museums engage with their histories and their multiple communities. 

Watch a recording of our conversation with Sarah Ganz Blythe.

Muse+Connect with Julien Savadoux

Live Stroll: Paris History Through Shop Windows

The English words “covered passage” do not capture the refined elegance of the Galerie Vivienne or the Passage des Panoramas. These public spaces are ideal for chic strolling, or what the French call lèche-vitrine (window shopping). Dazzling mid-19th-century mosaic tiles and ornate ceilings mix with wine shops and specialty bookstores. Live from Paris, Julien will meet us in the famed galleries of the Palais Royal. He’ll then take us to hidden gems in the 2nd arrondissement near the imposing Bourse (stock exchange). You may never guess that these glittering indoor arcades— the first commercial passageways in all of Europe—were the ancestors of today’s shopping malls. Find out how Paris became the world’s #1 shopping destination. Enjoy the unique experience of stepping back into history while enjoying the art de vivre of today’s Parisians.

Watch a recording of our live stroll with Julien.

Muse+Connect with Julien Savadoux

Live Stroll: The Lights of Paris

Celebrate the holidays with Julien on a live and light-filled evening stroll in Paris. We’ll begin with the magical window displays at the Printemps & Galeries Lafayette department stores. Every year, these animated wonders captivate both young and old. Passing by the nearby Opera House, we’ll take in the twinkling facades of chic boutiques and luxury hotels near Place Vendôme. We end at the Tuileries Garden Marché de Noël (Christmas Market), with fragrant regional specialties, crafts, and of course…more festive lights! The Christmas spirit is alive in well in Paris, decked out this time of year in enchanting holiday flair. If you can’t be in Paris to ring in the new year, then let Julien bring Paris to you.

Watch a recording of our live stroll with Julien.