2.5-hour private tour. 5-person maximum. €130 per person for parties of 2 or more. €190 for individuals. Includes tickets. Make your tour exclusive for an additional €100 fee. We will pre-purchase Louvre tickets for all members of your group. Don’t forget to provide the names and ages of everyone in your group at checkout. 

Due to gallery closures at the Louvre, this tour is currently unavailable.

This unique experience was featured in the New York TimesLos Angeles Times, CNN.com, NPR’s Weekend Edition, Time Magazine, NewsweekNew York Post, and Detroit Free Press. Using the Louvre’s collections, we explore the art and ideas behind Dan Brown’s best-selling thriller The Da Vinci Code.

You and your own private “symbologist” revisit Robert Langdon’s Parisian adventures. This tour begins and ends where his fictional caper does. Of course, the Louvre is so much more than simply the setting where that breathless action unfolded. Its works of art can answer many of the questions provocatively posed in the book. Do Leonardo’s paintings reveal hidden symbolism? Is the true nature of Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Christ expressed in paintings depicting her? Is it really the case that Christian art recycles symbols from earlier so-called “pagan” cultures? We’ll visit galleries on and off the beaten track— from Greek terra cottas to Renaissance masterpieces in the Grande Galerie—in an effort to answer these questions and more. Join us in your own hunt for the truth.

This tour is designed for the first-time visitor, as well as those already familiar with the Louvre. For a tour of the most iconic works, try our Introduction to the Treasures of the Louvre.

Your guide will pre-purchase timed Louvre tickets, so you will avoid the ticket line. Please be prepared to pass through security screening, however, which is required for all visitors, even at the priority entrance we use  Read more about our cancellation and change policies here.

Contact us via email to arrange for this tour in German.

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