$30 USD per device. Each interactive kid-friendly program is 60 mins, including time for looking & learning activities and sharing ideas. Suitable for kids 6-12, no background required.

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On this kid-friendly program, you’ll meet Gilgamesh, the quasi-mythical king from Mesopotamia, whose story is told in the world’s first epic poem. He’s one of many heroes and heroines who live on today in the Louvre. Meet Gilgamesh “face to face” via works of art depicting him, as we travel virtually to the Ancient Mesopotamia galleries of the Louvre. Following Gilgamesh’s quest for adventure reminds us that finding joy in the journey is as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago. Led by an experienced family guide and teacher, this unique program is an interactive, fun invitation— to look, learn and be empowered!
Your kids will:

  • Break a code to find out who our hero is.
  • Read the symbols of an ancient Assyrian sculpture.
  • Understand the difference between epic poems and just regular old stories.
  • Write your own epic (but short!) acrostic poem.

Jessica Pinnock Garrett fell in love with Art History at age 18 and never looked back. After receiving her teaching certificate, with degrees in Art History and Italian Studies, she earned her MA in Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, with an emphasis in architecture. She then used her degrees to originate an Advanced Placement Art History Program in Salt Lake City, Utah. The highlight of her program was taking high school students on tours to San Francisco and to New York City, sponsored by the Renaissance Society of America. Whether onsite or online, the classroom is her favorite place to be, and discussing art and history with enthusiasts of all ages has become her true passion. Jessica now lives in Paris with her husband and two young boys. 

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