$35 USD per device. This program is 60 mins, including time to ask questions and exchange ideas. Suitable for all ages, no background required.

  • Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 10:00 am EST
  • Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 12:30 pm EST

We’ll start with a story about Warren, who hated his boss but loved his job. The solution he came up with demonstrates the rewards of broad, adventurous thinking. Our mind develops familiar grooves and our habitual thought patterns repeat on an endless loop. How can we nudge our brain out of its comfort zone? Art is a great tool for doing just that. This program includes puzzles to solve and a guided seeing log to help expand your thinking beyond the obvious. Together, we’ll develop your analytical thinking, ability to pose questions, test hypotheses, and reason verbally.

You will:

  • Practice nudging your perceptions outside the well-worn paths in your brain.
  • Learn self-cuing strategies to broaden your thinking.
  • Explore the difference between rote techniques and an open attitude.
  • Have fun with French as we learn how to sortir du cadre.

Your educator Pamela Warner earned her Ph.D. in art history from the University of Delaware, where she specialized in 19th-century French art and art criticism.  She taught art history at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Rhode Island, before returning to Paris full-time.  In 2014, Pamela created a yoga and meditation studio in Paris, where she explores the links between practice and perception, the eye and the mind, thoughts and expression. For Muse+Connect, she draws on both her classroom teaching and museum education experiences as a Paris Muse guide.

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Image: Pierre-Louis Pierson, Scherzo di Follia (Countess Virginia Oldoini Verasis di Castiglione) 1833-36, Gelatin Silver Print, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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