Select a 1.5-hour tour of Notre Dame cathedral only.

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3.0-hour private tour. 6-person maximum. €135 per person for parties of 2 or more. €210 for individuals. Includes tickets. Make your tour exclusive for an additional €100 fee.

This voyage to medieval Paris begins with an in-depth look at the Gothic masterpiece that is Notre Dame Cathedral. For over 850 years, Paris’ beloved monument has been witness to some of the city’s most important historical moments. Our tour of Notre Dame will help you understand the architectural innovations of the building, and the meanings of its graceful sculpture and stained glass windows.

We then cross the river to visit the Cluny Museum, home to an outstanding collection of European medieval art. Much of the original sculptural decoration from Notre Dame is here, such as the heads from the gallery of Kings (removed by mobs during the Revolution). The Cluny boasts other fascinating treasures of Parisian history—the emphasis of our museum tour. The building itself contains the remains of a 1st-century Roman bath considered to be the finest example of Roman architecture in France. Other highlights include stained glass and sculpture from the nearby Sainte Chapelle, and the magnificent Lady and the Unicorn tapestries.

We also take an inside look at everyday life in the middle ages, evoked through Cluny’s extraordinary collection of personal items like shoes, combs, money and children’s toys. Your guide will bring the often inaccessible meanings of this period’s art, architecture, and customs to vivid life.

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