2.0-hour private tour. For children aged 6-12. €295 flat rate for families of 6 or fewer. 

This tour is unavailable until further notice.

Notre Dame Cb4_13.s200x500athedral will capture the imagination of your children, as it has for generations of Parisians. On this tour your private guide will teach your family how to “read” Notre Dame as a book of stories. Children will be given their own “Stories in Stone” activity book. Through a series of engaging and interactive riddles, they will hear the many tales told by sculptures outside, and by stained glass windows inside. Your family will also learn to recognize the features of the Gothic style, and find out how and why Notre Dame was built and restored. Kids also learn to navigate with the “old school” tools of a compass and a floor plan, to make their visit to the cathedral part of their own unique Paris story.




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