2.0-hour exclusive tour. For children aged 6-12. €270 flat rate for families of 6 or fewer.

Paris is teeming with stories to discover if you know where to look. On this fun-filled activity walk, your family and your private guide will travel through time, from the home of France’s greatest storyteller, Victor Hugo, to the once-royal neighborhood church featured in one of the writer’s novels. As you explore these and other sites in the magnificent Marais neighborhood, you’ll be solving riddles at a Renaissance mansion, finding mason marks on a medieval wall, and uncovering secret traces of France’s famed Revolutionaries.

Activities give children a hands-on, interactive opportunity to learn about the city’s history directly from its renowned monuments and at the same time sharpen their skills of visual observation. This program is accompanied by an educational booklet as well as a souvenir for your family.

The New York Times chose our “Paris Discovery Walk for Families” as a preferred way to visit the French capital with kids in August 2015.


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