$35 USD per device. This program is 60 mins, including time to ask questions and exchange ideas. Suitable for all ages, no background required.

  • Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 1:30 pm EST

Most of us have a camera, or at least a camera phone, that we use when we travel. Taking pictures is a central part of our vacation experiences.  But have you ever spent too much time taking photographs, only to be disappointed that the images don’t really capture all you felt? How can we take photographs in a more meaningful and deliberate way, that also leaves time to experience where we are?  In this program, you’ll learn how to focus your gaze, so that your pictures reflect what matters most to you: telling your unique story. Get both practical tips and aesthetic inspiration for creating memorable images, for your next trip.

You will:

  • Get pro tips for taking more meaningful photos when you travel.
  • Understand how taking photographs impacts and even changes your experience of a place.

Your educator Jessica Watson, is an artist based in Providence, RI. She holds an MFA from Bard’s Graduate School of the Arts. When she is not taking photographs, she runs a family photo archiving and retouching service. Her best photographic memories were created in Tunisia, Turkey, and Cuba. She looks forward to getting back on a plane soon, with her camera. In the meantime, she is capturing the natural world and her sometimes cooperative kids.

You can also sign up for our series Travel Through the Lens.

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Image: Jon Rawlinson, Rice Terraces of Banaue, Philippines (2006).

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