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Are you wondering what’s real in the Netflix hit series Lupin? Separate fact from fiction, and learn about the real French histories that inspired the show’s plotlines. You’ll revisit actual Paris locations virtually, to meet a historical cast of real royals, artists, writers, burglars and not-so gentlemanly thieves.

Your educator Julien Savadoux, studied both history and art history at Paris’ Sorbonne University, and graduated with a degree in cultural mediation. Julien has shared his passion for his hometown of Paris, as both guide and educator for several decades.  

The True Stories Behind Lupin: A Series features:

The Queen’s Necklace

The necklace stolen by Lupin at the Louvre was inspired by a real queen’s passion for expensive jewelery. Learn the details of the Affair of the Queen’s Necklace (1784), a political scandal that further tarnished the reputation of Marie-Antoinette, who was accused of criminal fraud in a complex plot to undermine her. The Affair spread the anti-royal sentiment that led to the French Revolution, and eventually, the Queen’s demise. Find out how one diamond necklace rocked the foundations of royal authority in France.

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The Mona Lisa Heist

Is it really possible to pull off a heist at the Louvre? Hear the incredible history of the real 1911 theft of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa by Vincenzo Peruggia. His plot actually helped launch her as one of the world’s most recognizable paintings. After her disappearance, the Louvre remained closed for a week. Frantic investigations led the police to search the studios of famous modern artists. It even sparked a diplomatic dispute between Italy and France. This intriguing story is one of many engaging ways to learn more about the significance and impact of Leonardo’s most cherished Renaissance portrait.

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France’s Sherlock Holmes

Travel back to Belle Époque Paris, when the city was a thriving center for arts, culture, and heady celebration. We’ll follow in the footsteps of the original Arsène Lupin, the fictional thief created by the writer Maurice Leblanc in 1905. Leblanc was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, but his character’s adventures were distinctly French. Novels, novellas and plays soon followed, featuring some of the city’s most alluring locations. We’ll visit some of those sites virtually during our deep dive into Lupin.

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The Louvre in Pop Culture

How did a medieval fortress evolve into one of the world’s most iconic museums? In that process, the Louvre has become an internationally recognized brand. Recently, its galleries have been featured in hit series like Lupin, in music videos, and in a slew of advertising campaigns. Why has the Louvre been chosen by popular culture makers as a site for all this storytelling? What happens behind the scenes to make these tributes and partnerships possible? The Louvre is much more than a stage set of course, but these homages on the screen are a fun way to start a relationship with art objects that offer a lifetime’s worth of authentic stories.

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Image: Lupin, Netflix, 2021

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