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An Eye for Detail

A Most Motherly Art

This Mother’s Day, discover a tender Madonna and Child tradition.

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Why Fénéon Now?

An Orangerie exhibition makes the case for why a turn-of-the-century art maverick is still relevant

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In Rodin’s Parisian Footsteps

You can see examples of his work in almost every corner of the city.

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Slow Looking

Take your time to see and enjoy each meaningful detail.  That’s the idea behind our Hidden Masterpieces tour of the Louvre.

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Versailles Unlocked

The creator of our new private tour tells us why it’s like no other. 

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Nazi Plundered Art at the Louvre

During WWII, over 100,000 works were taken to Germany.  Will a new permanent installation help to find the rightful owners?

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