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Tanvi Chheda, Why You Should Hire a Guide for Your Next Family Trip — Yes, Seriously

“Our guide, Raquel Granda, created a scavenger hunt and took us down all the right corridors to streamline our spin through the colossal complex. She also had the kids imagine what the Venus de Milo’s missing arms might’ve been doing or holding, leaving my husband and me free to enjoy the art ourselves. What could’ve turned into an afternoon of tears and tantrums became the highlight of our week.”

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Karen Burshtein, “7 Unusual ways to See Paris”

“This tour is designed to get teens keyed up on French history—not always an easy feat. “The French Revolution: A Murder Mystery Tour” is one of Paris Muse’s newest offerings…Families are taken back to 18th-century Paris to solve the mystery of a dramatic, real-life political assassination. The program was created by the company’s historians and combines interactive intrigue with learning.”

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Andrew Kingsford-Smith, “The Best Cultural Tours In Paris”

“Paris Muse is an organization of art historians who specialize in private museum tours. The organization has designed a number of tour themes to match the interests of their customers […]”

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Shivani Vora, In Transit

“How about solving a murder mystery, for instance, to learn about the French Revolution? With the interactive French Revolution: A Murder Mystery Tour from the tour company Paris Muse, visitors take a trip to 18th-century Paris and crack the case of a real-life political assassination.”

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Katie Bowman, “Monet in Minutes”

 “If only there was a way to see the city that every other American didn’t know about. Enter Ellen McBreen and her tour company, Paris Muse. She describes her tours like French meals: “Small and delicious.”…Paris Muse is staffed by a small group of international art historians — that doesn’t translate into lectures, homework and quizzes, but a one-to-one gallery tour looking at movements, seminal works and significant artists, and how they all fit together.”

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Nigel Tisdall, “Ten Ways to Love the Louvre”

“Book a tour with Paris Muse ( Led by art historians in groups of no more than four, these follow themes such as Hidden Masterpieces and the History of Paris. From €85 (£70), including admission; family tours are also available.”

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Shivani Vora, Thursday’s Travel News and Tips

“A new tour from Paris Muse, a company specializing in historical excursions around Paris, is meant to get kids excited about visiting the Louvre: A Nile Family Voyage at the Louvre, intended for those from ages 6 to 12, is a two-hour journey through the Egyptian collections and begins with a private guide presenting children with a notebook that has a map and stickers of symbols inspired by works of art they will see.”

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Elizabeth Thorp, “36 Hours in Paris Avec Enfants: 5 Things to Do and See”

Paris Muse has a group of family-focused tours to make your experience in Paris a lasting memory for your children. We chose the Paris Muse Clues: A Family Tour for Young Treasure Hunters of The Louvre. Our guide, Emma, was from Ireland but was in Paris studying art and was a wonderful and patient guide for the girls. Emma’s tour allowed us and the girls to learn from the same works of art, but the kids received motivation through “Paris Muse Clues,” our educational and interactive treasure hunt through a broad range of collections (Ancient Near East, Greek and Roman, Renaissance Italian, French), asking specific and detailed questions about many of the Louvre’s masterpieces….This is a wonderful way to for families to experience Parisian art and culture and keep children engaged and interested in learning more.”

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Eric Støen, “Tips for a Perfect Family Vacation in Paris That Won’t Bore Your Kids or You”

“One of the highlights of our summer trip was a private tour of the Louvre with Paris Muse. Not only did we avoid most of the lines and crowds, but the kids had a great time completing word puzzles and being led on a treasure hunt that included a wide spectrum of Babylonian, Greek, French Medieval, and Italian Renaissance art and antiquities.”

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Ami Cadugan, “Two Kids Discover a French Murder Mystery Tour in Paris”

“If we could better understand French history and have a little fun doing it, then why not? The tour was both educational and entertaining and we would take another one of Paris Muse’s tours in a heartbeat.”

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Sima Sthanakia, “How to Visit the Louvre with Kids”

“I was quite impressed with the level of enthusiasm our guide retained through the course of the two hours with the girls. It’s something we could never have achieved and it was wonderful to watch them immerse themselves in the hunt. The Louvre can be overwhelming for an adult, never mind a child. This guided family tour is a fantastic way to combine entertainment and education in the world’s most famous museum.”

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Eric Støen, “5 Steps to the Best Family Vacation You’ll Ever Have”

“No matter where you’re going, there’s likely a company that offers walking tours through certain neighborhoods or museums. Select one that’s geared toward the kids. Good walking tours are interactive and highly educational, without the kids even realizing how much they’re learning. And given that we parents have forgotten most of the history that we learned in school, they’re great for us too!…An added benefit: By arranging museum tours in advance, you can generally skip the lines. With our guide from Paris Muse we walked right past an hour-long queue at the Louvre.”


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