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Traveling with Children?


We have an extensive selection of original educational programs for families. Find the right one for the ages and interests of your children.

When booking online, please let us know the names and ages of your children, as well as the full names of all the adults in your party.

Paris Muse Clues: A Louvre Family Tour for Young Treasure Hunters [Book this tour]

Arcimbolodo Autumn 2 hours, 445 euros for a family of 6 or fewer; includes an educational gift. Designed for families with children, ages 6-12

Because so many families put the Louvre at the top of their must-see list, we created an interactive tour so that parents and children can make the most of this sometimes overwhelming experience. This program combines the know-how of your family’s private docent with the additional motivation of a treasure hunt, encouraging children to apply what they have just learned about decoding symbols in works of art.

The Khorsabad Palace, the medieval Louvre, Nike of Samothrace, and Mona Lisa—these are just a few of the masterpieces your family will explore together in this 2-hour tour. It is designed to give children (ages 6-12) an entertaining background to the history of art while sharpening their skills of observation. Their own answers to the clues lead them to discover an educational prize hidden somewhere under Pei’s glass pyramid.

Louvre Quest [Book this tour]

3-hour tour, 510 euros for groups of 6 or less. Designed for visitors aged 12 and up.  Price includes admission to the Louvre as well as a take-home souvenir.


Begin your adventure now. Watch the Louvre Quest Trailer.

This Louvre tour is a series of quests—for power, immortality, movement and love. You’ll explore four great civilizations (Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Modern Europe) and discover the driving forces behind their imposing palaces, secret tombs, and enduring symbols. These are not just museum artifacts, but living evidence of so many universal human adventures. Along the way, you’ll meet mighty kings, crafty goddesses, mysterious soothsayers and lovers mortal and immortal, each with their own captivating stories to tell.

Quest is an entirely new way to experience the Louvre. It is an interactive game designed to test your mettle and sharpen your skills. In each civilization, you’ll take on a series of challenges, introduced by an archetypal character from that era. Each challenge must be completed before you can move on to the next stage of your quest. As players progress, they earn a series of cards, featuring masterworks examined in depth on your tour. As in any great heroic adventure, you’ll rely on the wisdom and experience of a mentor: your personal Paris Muse educator, who will guide you on each stage of your journey.

Time to Explore Paris [ Book this tour ]

2.0 hour tour. 390 euros per family. 6 person max. An educational activity walk for families with children ages 6-12.  

Paris is teeming with stories to discover if you know where to look. On this fun-filled activity walk, your family and your private guide will travel through time, from the home of France’s greatest storyteller, Victor Hugo, to the once-royal neighborhood church featured in one of the writer’s novels. As you explore these and other sites in the magnificent Marais neighborhood, you’ll be solving riddles at a Renaissance mansion, finding mason marks on a medieval wall, and uncovering secret traces of France’s famed Revolutionaries. These activities give children a hands-on, interactive opportunity to learn about the city’s history directly from its renowned monuments. This program is accompanied by an educational booklet.

Notre Dame for Families: Stories in Stone *This tour is unavailble until further notice.

Notre Dame Cathedral-22.0-hour tour. 250 euros per family. 6 person max. An educational program for families with children ages 6-12.

Notre Dame Cathedral will capture the imagination of your children, as it has for generations of Parisians. On this tour, your private guide will teach your family how to “read” Notre Dame as a book of stories. Through a series of interactive riddles, you will hear the many tales told by sculptures outside, and by stained-glass windows inside. You’ll also learn to recognize the features of the Gothic style, and find out how and why Notre-Dame was built and restored. Kids learn to navigate with a compass and a floor plan, to make their visit to the cathedral part of their own unique Paris story. This program is accompanied by an educational booklet.

Read Paris Muse Family Days, a practical resource designed to help families get the most out of their days in Paris.

What Our Families Have to Say:

“We greatly enjoyed our ‘Stories in Stone’ tour of Notre Dame. The kids were engaged the entire time! Our guide told us an amazing story about a stained glass window inside the church and the kids were simply fascinated. It was the highlight of our time in Paris and I would highly recommend it for any family. From booking, to questions, to the tours themselves, Paris Muse is professional, educational, and most importantly, fun for the entire family!”

Jalena Lichtenwalter
Queen Creek, AZ

“We visited the Louvre with the help of the wonderful Charlotte. What an experience we had! Our family—Mum, Dad and 2 kids (9 and 12)—all learned so much. We went at our own speed and stopped for questions and conversations when we wanted. Charlotte is very knowledgeable and shares this so readily with youngsters. We would highly recommend Paris Muse tours—well worth the money.”

Fiona Anderson
Dunblane, Scotland

“Our family tour of the Louvre was without a doubt a major highlight of our trip to Paris. The hours flew by. Our guide was a wonderful teacher and has an easy, relaxed manner that made what can be an overwhelming museum visit, especially with kids, a complete pleasure. When you ask my children (ages 8 & 11) what was the best part of their trip to Paris, they both put the Louvre tour at the very top of their list!”

Ellen and Darren Berger
New York, NY

“It was the most fun I ever had in a museum. Our guide explained everything in a fun way. She made us look for clues in the paintings and sculptures and made learning about the art work interesting.”

Ross, 11 years old
New York, NY

“It was a great way to learn about the Louvre. Our guide was really nice and the Muse Clues game made us really look at the paintings and see the details. It wasn’t like a regular museum tour. It was a really fun game.”

Dana, 8 years old
New York, NY

“I just wanted to thank you for the most incredible time and wonderful experience exploring the Louvre with you. The children will tell anyone when asked what their favorite time in Europe was and they will say the Louvre. You made the experience memorable and although it is written that “Paris Muse Clues” is for a young audience our entire family loved the experience.”

Shirley Hargrove
Woodland Hills, California

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