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Notre Dame for Families


Family at Notre Dame

Sightseeing is often overwhelming—especially for families with young children. That’s why we created “Notre Dame Stories in Stone.” Kids love stories, and Notre Dame Cathedral is itself a storybook in stone. Our enthusiastic family docents bring these stories to life with a series of looking activities and interactive riddles.

Armed with a compass, binoculars and their own “Stories in Stone” activity book, your children become active learners rather than passive tourists. They discover meaningful details all too often overlooked by the average visitor: a gargoyle jutting out from the façade, a strange mythical creature decorating a portal, an architect’s face hidden high up on the steeple. Families learn together what each of these details mean in the larger context of the cathedral’s Gothic design.


As in a treasure hunt, solving riddles about these details outside lead families to discover a special location inside Notre Dame. From there, we use compasses and a floor plan to navigate different parts of the cathedral. At each stage in their adventure, children use what they’ve just learned to locate their next stop. After hearing about medieval masons who helped build the cathedral, for example, children hunt for secret traces left by these builders long ago. And since stained glass windows tell so many of Notre Dame’s most vivid stories, we also focus on learning to read one in detail. Some of these windows can be read like a comic book, with each colorful pane telling a part of the story.

This two-hour private tour promises to transform a must-see tourist stop into a truly memorable experience. We’ve created it to help families make their visit to Notre Dame into their own meaningful story.

An educational activity tour for families with children ages 6-12.  Rates: 250 euros, 2 hour tour. Please let us know the names and ages of your children, as well as how many adults in your party.

*This tour is unavailable until further notice.

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Other Practical Information for Parents:

The activities on this tour are designed for children ages 6-12, but because the tour is private, your family’s guide will be able to adjust according to the age and interests of your children.

Please note that tours take place rain or shine. Refunds are not available in the case of rain or other inclement weather.

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