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Paris Muse docents regularly share their in-depth expertise with France 24‘s international viewers.  Watch the latest in art and culture news, direct from Paris.

Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition at the Louvre

Former Director, Inge Laino, takes us on a visit of the Louvre’s blockbuster Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition. 10 years in the making, this exhibition brings together an unprecedented number of Leonardo works from around the globe. Inge explains how international loans were negotiated, making these Renaissance works of art currency in complex cultural diplomacy. Featured on France 24 on November 5, 2019.

Félix Fénéon: The Modern Times, from Seurat to Matisse

Former Paris Muse Director Kate Gambey introduces us to, “Félix Fénéon: Modern Times from Seurat to Matisse,” the fascinating exhibition on at the Orangerie Museum in Paris until Jan 27, 2020. Gambey explains it’s a show with a great hook: the story of artists like Bonnard, Signac, Modigliani…and many others told through the vision of the gallerist and collector (and anarchist!) who promoted their modernity. Come on a private tour with Paris Muse and discover why this turn-of-the-century art maverick is still relevant today. Featured on France 24 on November 12, 2019 

Dora Maar: More than Just Picasso’s Muse

Docent Amanda Herold-Marme shares stories about the life and work of Dora Maar. This Surrealist artist and activist–once known only as Picasso’s companion–is now being honored with a retrospective at the Centre Pompidou on now in Paris until July 29. It’s long overdue, Amanda says. Featured on France 24 on June 11, 2019.

Marie Antoinette’s Apartments Reopen at Versailles

After three years of massive renovations, Marie Antoinette’s apartments reopen at Versailles. Paris Muse docent Julien Savadoux takes us there. Featured on France 24 in May 2019.

Focusing on the Future of Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame family docent Kelly Richman-Abdou shares her level-headed assessment of what was lost—but more importantly— what was saved at Notre Dame.  Arguably, Kelly says, it’s not even the worst damage the cathedral has seen.  Paris Muse guides are working together to figure out how our tours can continue to honor its history.  Featured on France 24 in April 2019.

Black Models at the Orsay Museum

Paris Muse docent Lauren Jimerson reviews “Black Models: From Géricault to Matisse” a groundbreaking exhibition exploring the representation of black models in the history of modern art. Featured on France 24 in April 2019.

Picasso, in Blue and Rose at the Musée d’Orsay

Paris Muse docent Amanda Herold-Marme unpacks the current exhibition “Picasso. Blue and Rose” at the Musée d’Orsay. Color fascinated the legendary artist, from the origins of his career. Featured on France 24 October 2018.

Why is Picasso’s Guernica an Anti-War Icon?

Paris Muse docent Amanda Herold-Marme takes us behind the scenes of the Guernica exhibition at the Musée Picasso. An expert in Spanish politics, Amanda authored several essays for the exhibition catalogue. Featured on France 24 April 2018.

Matisse in the Studio

Paris Muse founder, Ellen McBreen, gives us a backstage pass to “Matisse in the Studio,” the critically-acclaimed exhibition she co-curated for the MFA Boston and Royal Academy London.  Featured on France 24 November 2017.

Jewish History in the Marais

The chic Marais area of Paris is also rich in Jewish history. This summer, Paris Muse is leading tours at the MAHJ (Jewish Museum of Art and History). Featuring Dr Stephanie Nadalo, Paris Muse educator and art history professor at Parsons Paris, on France 24 in July 2017.

Rediscovering the French Sculptor Camille Claudel

Claudel is the first female artist in France to have her own museum. Paris Muse educator Lauren Jimerson explores her life and work on France 24, May 2017.

Why is the Mona Lisa So Famous? 

Paris Muse Director Inge Laino talks about the Louvre’s most famous painting. Featured on France 24 in March 2017.

How Napoleon and the French Revolution Created a Museum

The French Revolution may have first turned a medieval castle into the Louvre museum, but Napoleon I shaped much of what it is today. Dr. Melissa Anderson gives a preview of our new tour, the “History of the Louvre.” Featured on France 24 in February 2017.

Where Are the Women Artists?

Lauren Jimerson, Paris Muse educator and Fulbright scholar, tells us where to find art by women artists in Paris, given how underrepresented they are in museum collections. Featured on France 24 in December 2016.

Art and Forests in France

Kelly Presutti, Orsay educator and 19th-century specialist, reveals how French painters helped to preserve the forest of Fontainebleau near Paris.

The Marais: From Marsh to Magnificence

Melissa Anderson, co-creator of our “The Marais: From Marsh to Magnificence” tour, explores one of the city’s oldest and best-preserved neighborhoods. Featured on France 24 in August 2016.

Paris and the French Revolution

Paris Muse educator Vanessa Lambert, co-creator of our “French Revolution: A Murder Mystery Tour” discusses what the city was like during this pivotal moment in history. Featured on France 24 in July 2016.

A Brief History of Paris “Bouquinistes”

Paris Muse educator Alexandra Courtois explores the fascinating history of the “bouquinistes” booksellers along the banks of the Seine. Featured on France 24 in June 2016.

Secrets of the Musée d’Orsay

Paris Muse director Inge Laino shares some insider knowledge of the Musée d’Orsay. Featured on France 24 in May 2016.

An Insider’s Guide to Montmartre

Paris Muse educator Guillaume Fabre Luce on the history of his own Paris neighborhood, Montmartre, home to the Sacré-Coeur basilica. Featured on France 24 in March 2016.

Paris and Its World’s Fairs

Paris Muse educator and editorial associate Melissa Anderson shares how the World’s Fairs changed the landscape of Paris. Featured on France 24 in March 2016.

All About the Eiffel Tower

Paris Muse Director Inge Laino discusses the history of the world’s most famous monument. Featured on France 24 in January 2016.

Picasso Fever Takes Over the Art World 

Educational Coordinator Sarah Bachelier discusses where to see Picasso in Paris, including on our new tour of the renovated Musée Picasso. Featured on France 24 in December 2015.

Vanessa Lambert shares some little known facts about the famous bridges of Paris. Featured on France 24 in December 2015.

Spotlight: The Race to Save Louvre Art During WWII

Paris Muse Director Inge Laino tells the fascinating story of what happened to the Louvre’s art treasures during WWII. Paris Muse guide featured on France 24 in October 2015.

Fireworks and Flags: France and its Historic Bastille Day

Paris Muse docent and historian Dr. Stephanie Nadalo shares the story and iconic imagery of the Fête Nationale, Bastille Day. Paris Muse guide featured on France 24 in July 2015.

Inside Paris: The Secrets of Parisian ‘Passages’

Architectural historian and Paris Muse docent Mary Johnson on the secret passages of Paris. Paris Muse guide featured on France 24 in June 2015.

Paris Cityscape: From Wonderful Wallace Fountains to Art Nouveau Metros

Paris Muse director Inge Laino featured on France 24 in May 2015.

Glass Pyramids: The Art and Origins of the Entry to the Louvre

Paris Muse educator and archeologist Dr. Laura Osorio discusses I.M. Pei’s glass pyramid design for the entrance to the Musée du Louvre. Paris Muse guide featured on France 24 in May 2015.

Spotlight: Secrets of Paris: Notre Dame Showcases the ‘Crown of Thorns’ Relic

Watch our director Inge Laino share her insights into the history of Notre Dame. This is the first segment in a series featuring Paris Muse educators revealing little-known facts about the city they live in and love. Paris Muse guide featured on France 24 in April 2015.

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