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Introducing expert-led online experiences. Bring the world to your home.

We’re excited to start a new educational journey.

Paris Muse has been scholar-owned since our founding two decades ago.  So it makes sense for us to adapt our high-quality cultural experiences to the online space. Our programs are designed for traveling in your mind, until the rest of your body can safely get on that plane.

Our goal for Muse+Connect will be quality not quantity. Programs will never be more than 30, so you’ll have a real chance for face to face exchange (unless you prefer to have your camera off).  You’ll be able to learn at your own pace in the company of likeminded people, and do more online than click on like.  

I hope you find our diverse offerings to be relevant, meaningful learning opportunities. No background is necessary for any of them. As always, our emphasis is on working with exceptional instructors who are leaders in their fields. They also happen to be generous people, and great colleagues. We’ve been through a lot together this year, but we’re ready to put our skills back to work.

Sign up for any of our programs, and you’ll be able to join our Muse+Connect free Fridays. The first one will be a launch party on Friday, April 16 at 5:30pm EST.  Every month, these convivial conversations will feature change makers in the arts in dialogues with our Muse+Connect international community.  We’re planning to demystify culture, one Friday night buzz at time. 

Learn something new. Get inspired for your next trip. Reconnect with a Paris Muse guide. Or meet new friends and start a conversation. We’re here to make that all possible.

If you’re looking for a topic you don’t see us offering just yet, please be in touch. We want to know what makes you curious.

And for more about our Muse+Connect mission, please read on.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you, and to a more joyful spring ahead.


General Manager, Paris Muse/Muse+Connect

  • We tell stories that delight and inspire joy.
  • We treat all learners with care and respect, focusing on the moment we are spending with them, rather than their status as potential future clients.
  • We create an inclusive community to give people a sense of belonging to a connected world. 
  • We aim to share a set of tools for engaging with the world, not just an amount of specialized knowledge. 
  • We model possibilities for learning and travel free from xenophobia, racism, classism, snobbery, and fear of difference.
  • We give learners something to feed their minds, even after our presentations are over.
  • We work with experienced educators who have both integrity and compassion.
  • We treat education as an accessible experience, not a rarified privilege.
  • We demystify culture and creative practices to help empower our learners.

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