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Bringing Egypt to Life at the Louvre

Louvre Voyage on the Nile Book-3

I’m excited about launching our new tour—A Nile Family Voyage at the LouvreThe main aim of the program, designed for children aged 6-12, is to make ancient Egyptian society come to life. In designing and researching it, I chose objects that would help children to engage with the popular aspects of this fascinating civilization, while broadening their cultural perspectives. Like all of our family programs at Paris Muse, this tour is activity-based, in order to foster creativity during the learning process. Children play the role of archaeologists, and explore the Louvre’s collections while they also navigate their way through the galleries via a map of ancient Egypt.

Laura at the Louvre
Laura at the Louvre

Our educators will help children relate ancient Egypt to their own lives, and make meaningful connections to the familiar stories of their own cultures. We recently held a workshop in the Louvre to prepare our guides for this new tour.  Our family educators are experts in how to convey ideas to younger audiences, so their contributions in these workshops are invaluable. We brainstormed on how to link ideas from films, fairy-tales, children’s literature, cartoons, school and family life to the new tour.

It’s one of the reasons our programs are so rich— our vast resource of experienced, creative teachers. Our guides shared past experiences, when a child on a tour, for example, encountered a difficult concept that he/she could explore further by making connections to contemporary culture.  This Nile Voyage will be richer for the inclusion of these various voices. Future teachers of this family program will be personally connected to its content and materials. Ultimately, we hope to make family visitors as comfortable as possible with the diverse themes and symbols that make exploring ancient art in the Louvre such a rich experience.

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