2.0-hour exclusive tour. For children aged 6-12. €345 for families of 6 or fewer. We will pre-purchase the same number of Louvre tickets that you select in Over 18. Don't forget to have names and ages of everyone in your group at checkout.

We are currently accepting reservations for tours taking place from August 1, 2020 on.

Our family Louvre adventure explores one of history’s most fascinating civilizations: ancient Egypt. This educational program is designed to encourage kids to think like archaeologists—by using the Louvre’s world-renown Egyptian collections—to bring people from the past to vivid life. Children actively explore key areas of Egypt’s civilization: the Nile river, a scribe’s workshop, and a pharaoh’s crypt.  In each area, children will learn to engage meaningfully with key objects, using a variety of thinking tools to understand what they tell us about ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Young archaeologists and their private guide will voyage down the Nile, making their way through the Louvre galleries with an interactive map.  In each area, they decode a series of symbols, motivating them to proceed to the next stage of their adventure.  As a final challenge, they translate a code which reveals a secret location where families travel back to present day-Paris. The program is accompanied by an educational booklet and a take-home souvenir.

The New York Times chose “A Nile Family Voyage at the Louvre” as an ideal museum experience in July 2015.

Your guide will pre-purchase timed Louvre tickets, so you will avoid the ticket line. Please be prepared to pass through security screening, however, which is required for all visitors, even at the priority entrance we use  Read more about our cancellation and change policies here.

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