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Witnesses to the Revolution

The French Revolution: A Murder Mystery Tour suspects

Our French Revolution: A Murder Mystery Tour brings the experiences of individuals to life.

Travel in time alongside a cast of fictional characters: suspects in a real-life murder that took place in the heady days of the French Revolution. On this walk you’ll explore this historic event with an innovative “whodunnit” experience, designed to engage and entertain all ages.

To celebrate Bastille Day, we’re “interviewing” a few of those characters, to hear their diverse responses to the Revolution’s sweeping social changes.

Etienne Morel, Priest

“I never thought I would see the day when I had to hide the fact that I am a servant of God. The monarchy has been denied its God-given right to rule and my colleagues are being forced to take an oath to this new constitution, on pain of death! Lord help us all, for the world as we know it is coming to a brutal end.”

Suzanne Guillot, Actress

“Say what you will about the kings of France and the aristocracy. The fact is, without them, there would be no theatre, no painting, no sculpture, in short, no art! For they are the ones who pay us to create. Who else has the wealth to do so?”

Pierre Martin, Cabinetmaker & Jacobin

“If you’re not a friend of the Revolution, you are its enemy! I’m tired of all these aristocrats who pretend to be for liberté, fraternité, and égalité while hanging on to all their privileges. The Republic is blind to class or caste. There should be no king, only citizens and a Constitution!”

Joseph-Gabriel-Césarde de Chambry, Lawyer

“The new Constitution is a leap forward for all citizens. But let’s face it: a man is born into the social class he belongs to once and for all. What is this business about doing away with “privileges”? One may as well do away with the air we breathe! We are kidding ourselves if we pretend that all men are made of the same stuff. Our differences are critical to our identity.”

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