2.5-hour tour/10-person maximum.

Prices range from €230—€705. Make your walk exclusive for a €100 fee. 

Due to mature content and references to historical violence, we recommend this tour for ages 12 and up. Please have your names and ages ready for checkout. 

Return to 18th-century Paris and solve the mystery of a dramatic, real-life political assassination. Our original, interactive program was created by historians, but you’ll be too busy having fun with this “who dunnit” intrigue to realize how much you’re learning about the French Revolution.

As you immerse yourself in one of France’s most dramatic episodes, you’ll meet a cast of suspects, including an insubordinate literature hawker, a passionate actress, a prominent society lady, and a devout priest. Hearing their stories and motivations for the crime will give you a deeper understanding of how individuals experienced the French Revolution in a vivid, personal way.

You’ll visit historic places in Paris where the suspects lived and worked, including the Palais Royal, Louvre, Île de la Cité and Saint-Germain-des-Prés church, to gather visual evidence. Solving clues at each of these sites will eventually lead you to the real murderer. Along the way, you’ll see how Paris was forever changed by the social and political upheaval of the Revolutionary years.

Tour Teaser: What caused the French Revolution? This Crash Course explains.

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