2.5-hour private tour. 8-person maximum. €345 flat rate for families of 6 or fewer. 20 euros per person for each additional guest. 

Your teens will step up and take the lead on our Historic Heart of Paris Walk for Teens, an ideal introduction to the city for families with kids aged 12 and up. We developed this program to motivate teens to meaningfully engage with the architectural details of the city’s central neighborhoods.

Your family will decode the mysterious symbols of Paris’ oldest clock, find a hidden sundial designed by Salvador Dalí, and learn what is “flamboyant” about some of the city’s Gothic buildings. Interactive observation activities will teach your teen the city’s history, an epic story that is visible everywhere in Paris, if you know where to look.

This 2.5-hour walk covers major landmarks including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne University, and the medieval Hôtel de Cluny, as well as detours beyond the typical tourist trails. You and your family’s private guide will explore 2,000 years of Parisian history in what is truly the city’s historic heart—the Île de la Cité, the Latin Quarter, and Saint Michel neighborhoods. You’ll hear the stories of the peoples who helped make Paris the city it is today, from ancient Roman settlers to Revolutionaries to WWII Resistance fighters.

Tour Teaser: Watch a teen-friendly animated history of France.


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