2.5 hrs/5-person maximum.

€180 per person for parties of 2 or more. €240 for individuals. Make your tour exclusive for a €100 fee.

Personalized Louvre tickets are included, so please have names—and ages for any guests under 18— ready at checkout. 

The history of Paris is often told as a story of rulers and the monuments they built. But on this tour you’ll see how generations of artists who lived in Paris tell a fascinating story of their city, too. They painted their cultural moment, capturing the spirit of their age in much the same way movies or popular novels do today.

This tour takes place in the quieter galleries of the Richelieu wing, where you and your guide explore key paintings that capture the history of the French capital.  You’ll see how 14th-century portraits of modest medieval leaders give way to the sublime propaganda of Napoleonic history painting.  Artists like Watteau and Boucher painted the elegant, everyday lives of 18th-century Parisians. From the large-scale canvases of Charles Lebrun to the simple still-lives of Chardin, the Louvre’s French collection is unrivaled. It’s a little-known fact that the Louvre—covering over 600 years of French painting—presents an unparalleled opportunity to discover some of its finest artists.

Your guide will bring your timed and dated tickets, and together you’ll use a priority access line to enter the museum. There will be a wait for the required security screening, however.

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