2.5-hour tour. 6-person maximum. €125 for individuals; €110 per person for parties of 2 or more. Includes tickets.

Please be prepared for an inevitable wait to pass through security screening, which is required for all visitors, even in the priority access lines.

This comprehensive tour is an ideal introduction to the diversity and richness of the Louvre. It is designed with the first-time visitor in mind. We follow a roughly chronological circuit, exploring highlights of the Louvre’s Ancient Near East, Greek and Roman, and Renaissance Italian collections. The tour also incorporates the fascinating architectural history of the Louvre’s pre-museum life as a royal palace. We will see the most celebrated of all the Louvre’s treasures—the Khorsabad Palace, the Venus de Milo, Nike of Samothrace, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s Slaves—but we will also take the time to understand their significance to the history of art.

€50 surcharge to guarantee no other parties join you and your guide.

Traveling with children? For our family-friendly version of this tour, book our Muse Clues tour.

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