2.5-hour tour. 6-person maximum. €125 for individuals; €110 per person for parties of 2 or more. Includes tickets.

Please be prepared for an inevitable wait to pass through security screening, which is required for all visitors, even in the priority access lines.

Please note also that due to scheduled museum closures, the Napoleon III apartments are closed through fall 2017.

The Louvre is much more than just an art museum. This 2.5-hour tour explores its fascinating 800-year-old history, focusing on the masterpiece that is the Louvre itself.

With your private guide, you’ll retrace the Louvre’s multiple lives. It began as a medieval fortress to protect the city of Paris, when lords swore an oath to the king on his “Great Tower of the Louvre.” It then became a pleasure palace with graceful galleries, each more sumptuous than the next. The Louvre only became a museum after the French Revolution, when the king’s former palace was opened to the people.

While rulers from Philippe-Auguste to Mitterand sought to leave their mark here, generations of artists, architects, and builders ended up leaving much more. Our tour will focus on their detailed contributions, in both celebrated and off-the-beaten track galleries. Walking through the Louvre is a vivid introduction to the history of France, since it is also a tangible symbol of French identity.

€50 surcharge to guarantee that no other parties join you and your guide. 

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