2.5-hour tour/10-person maximum.

Prices range from €230—€705. Make your walk exclusive for a €100 fee. 

Our Marais walk explores the rich history of one of Paris’ oldest and best-preserved neighborhoods. The Marais’ fortunes rose and fell dramatically over the centuries; once a marshy area far from the city center, the Marais became a playground for royalty and the aristocracy, and home to traders, craftsman, preachers, writers, conservationists, and revolutionaries. The vibrant Jewish community that grew up here in the Middle Ages thrives again today.

We’ll begin exploring the Marais at the beautiful Place des Vosges, the first square of its kind in the city and later home to beloved author Victor Hugo. We visit two magnificent churches, including one of Paris’ oldest. This walk will reveal a seldom-noticed, living history, including a 13th-century fortification wall now embedded within the modern Marais that once defined the boundaries of the city.

We’ll see how the diverse residents of the Marais lived: from the oldest medieval houses in Paris to the stunning hôtels particuliers (mansions) that dotted the Marais in its heyday. We’ll visit the bustling Pletzel, the historic Jewish neighborhood, and make a stop at the city’s grandiose Hôtel de Ville. Finally, we’ll find out why the Marais is a magnet for many contemporary artists and designers.

This walk is ideal for the first-time visitor as well as those who would like a more in-depth look at a neighborhood in the heart of Paris.

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